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The official Cardio Kickboxing® Instructor Certification program is not a mail order certification but rather, it is an actual real time training and certification program with Marcus DeValentino.

Your purchase first requires a registration process, a confirmation via email (so that we may know that you are a real person), and a scheduled on site future workshop dated and posted at the bottom of the sites home page.

Please follow the two registration steps at the Cardio Kickboxing® Instructor Certification page before purchasing the official Cardio Kickboxing Instructor text.  If the above steps are not complete, do not forward payment for the workshop that shall be either in Hawaii or at your location in person.

Next Certification classes are on:


Follow the steps below...

Important.  Please read...

The official registration process is not "walk-in" but, must be accessed and completed in advance online.
By clicking HERE, you acknowledge and accept the above conditions and will be automatically transferred to the certification page.

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The Cardio Kickboxing® Instructor text covers all that you need to successfully teach the program anywhere.

New ..... High Intensity Interval Training .....

Marcus, wow!
I have implemented the high intensity interval training regimens from our recent February 26, 2011 Cardio Kickboxing® Instructor Certification Program.  It integrates well into our workout and everyone likes it.
Thanks again, Mike Pajil
Team Cardio Kickboxing® Hawaii

December 09, 2011

"If I, as a teacher, role model, mentor, leader, and builder of character were to train a student to become as skillful as I in my own art and discipline, I will have then actually committed an injustice in withholding my true teaching potential from that disciple and his lifetime. 
If I, on the other hand train my student to be even better than I, then I will have truly shared my art with the world for all the lives that he touches and for all time for then, I will have truly inspired him.  Be the Inspiration".
Marcus DeValentino 

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This program has been endorsed by the International Kickboxing Federation!


Cardio Kickboxing® is a registered trademark, Reg. No. 1,890,451, 1995.
Use of the name without permission is prohibited.